basal metabolism basic metabolic rate (BMR)

The basal metabolism or basic metabolic rate (BMR) is the minimum rate of energy expenditure per unit time in an endothermic animal at rest. (McNab, 1997). Metabolism refers to the processes where the body needs to function. Basal Metabolic Rate is the amount of energy expressed in calories where a man must burn or dispose … Read more

what is the body mass index or BMI the overweight and obesity index

The BMI or body mass index is a number that measures the relationship between weight and height of a man and the given result is in kg per square meter. BMI provides a reliable way of assessing the weight used to classify obesity levels in categories that may lead to health problems. The body mass … Read more

cellulite & treatment reduce fat tissue and not weight

The definition for cellulite gives us the way to treat it. Horizon as cellulite micro-initial swelling of fat cells shows that the treatment is based on two axes early start the fat-burning diet and exercise. The diet along with exercise is the most important weapons in the fight against cellulite. Smart tips to combat cellulite. … Read more

causes of cellulite prevention of cellulite

The appearance of cellulite is due to the increase in volume of body fat and is organic introduction to obesity. When fat cells start growing in volume and compress the extracellular space resulting in lowering the blood flow in blood vessels, which are responsible for proper nutrition and oxygenation. The result to have poor blood … Read more

Where does cellulite appear aesthetic and cellulite

To knows at what points cellulite appears will help us to recognize it, to make early diagnosis and follow the appropriate treatment, having in mind that it is the beginning of an ectopic adipogenesis . The human body in everyday level hires substances valuable for him, but also manufactures and “waste”, which should be expelled … Read more

what means be on a diet diet for slimming and healthy eating for wellbeing

With the term slimming, we should not mean the loss of body weight, but the reduction of fatty tissue of the body, according to the medical definition of obesity. The fat consumed as an energy source in times of negative energy balance. The simplest thought to lose us the weight is to create a situation … Read more

what means the term diet diet is everything we can eat !

A misinterpreted concept of what we mean with the term “diet”. In fact not what we often say that a diet is a nutritional plan to lose weight but in simple terms is the daily intake of food. The combination of the quality of foods that we put in our diet and the quantity is … Read more

when need to start diet always starting a diet is a difficult thing

A very serious question is when to activate or simply when you need to start dieting for weight loss. It is advisable that each person regularly monitor the body weight in order to prevent in time the change will cause two or several extra pounds. Surely the key to success lies in a few extra … Read more

metabolism the perfect engine

The metabolism of human is the set of physical and chemical processes that occur daily in the body to be alive and adaptive to the environment. Naturally, all these processes in their entirety are called metabolism, spending large amounts of energy in order to perform it. The metabolism is divided into catabolism where the body … Read more