diet and chocolate a pleasure diet

This is the best news for the diet? Eat plenty of chocolate can make you slim down!

Spanish researchers support the view that the slimming and chocolate can coexist, both in weight loss and in kardiometavolikous factors.

Chocolate seems to make metabolism to work harder, reducing fat.
It also had a positive effect on circulation, blood pressure and heart health.
This news seems like a dream to be true.
Rather than being an important factor in accumulation kilos, eating large amounts of chocolate have one of the best ways to lose weight, the study showed.
Spanish researchers examined the diets and physical activity of 1,500 adolescents aged between 12 and 17 in nine European countries, such as Spain and the United Kingdom.

They found that people who consumed large amounts of chocolate had, on average, much lower levels of fat in their body.
Specifically, they had a reduction of the circumference around the stomach area – regardless of whether they had an active lifestyle or diet was.

The chocolate was also found to have a positive effect on circulation, blood pressure and heart health.
The study, by the University of Granada, supports previous findings from the University of California, proposed tactics, eat chocolate have less body fat.
This may be because, while the chocolate contains more calories than many other foods, seem to do the metabolism working harder, offsetting the increased fat.

There is also the issue of denial. A recent poll found that 86% of people are on a diet and exercised, while enjoying their favorite food makes you lose more successfully their weight.

Is this the best diet news ever? Eating plenty of chocolate can keep you SLIM

By Anna Hodgekiss

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