causes of cellulite prevention of cellulite

The appearance of cellulite is due to the increase in volume of body fat and is organic introduction to obesity.

When fat cells start growing in volume and compress the extracellular space resulting in lowering the blood flow in blood vessels, which are responsible for proper nutrition and oxygenation.
The result to have poor blood circulation and accumulation of waste products of metabolism.

Fat cells cease to communicate with the nutritional environment naturally upsets hormonal shots signals they receive and begin to operate unchecked.
On the other hand, decreased oxygenation shown helps to avoid burning of this fat and fat burning is aerobic process.
The continued increase in volume causes the skin to the well-known “orange peel”.

The causes which may lead or assist in creating the problem of cellulite are numerous and can affect either as single or as a combination of reasons more.

  • Inheritance
  • Hormonal disorders
  • Lack of physical activity
  • Smoking
  • Impaired blood circulation
  • Poor eating habits and obesity < li>
  • Stress