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Our diet and nutrition affects several our health status and body composition.

Oxford Dictionary
DIET: The kinds of food that a person, animal, or community habitually eats
How the nutrition act on our health, and the effects on our body, is a cumulative process that can influence us both the foods consuming for many years or for a short period of our life.
For example, our body composition is formed with the passage of time while the reaction of food in various diseases can affect us directly for short periods.

The main changes in our body during our life are the changes in body composition. As infants, the water content reaches 75% and the adipose tissue is little around 3-5% while as it passes the age, these two department of our body reversed and finally to old age the percentage of water can be at around to 45% while the fat become up to 30-35% in normal subjects.

Diet for the most people means, a modified nutritional plan to lose the unnecessary pounds more than normal

The field of medicine that occupied with the weight is called bariatric and is divided into two main areas

The science of human nutrition referring to weight it approach both over and under weight related conditions.
The evolution in the science of nutrition gave us new horizons to the approach as the therapeutic as the preventive effect in human health.

As diet-theraphy defined the applications of certain dietary plans for the improvement of the course of a disease. The duration and the implementation depends of the disease and the improvement of the patient.
Usually in these diets, there are modifications and deviations (outside normal limits and ratios) of some nutritional components in order to restore to normal or to become stable certain health factors.

Nowadays the nutrition for patients both during illness and healing has an important role.
Illnesses with high frequency that allows us to talk about daily illness as the obesity, diabetes, high blood cholesterol, uric acid, hypertension, metabolic syndrome, constipation are just some of those that the dietary intervention directly alter the patient’s condition and complications from the diseases.