chocolate diet the more sweet diet

chocolate diet
Dr.Iakovos Theodosiou MD.DipU
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The chocolate diet is a complete diet plan, for weight and fat reduction with daily enjoyment of chocolate (fruit of the cocoa tree).
Especially suitable for people who can not be on a slimming diet due to lack of sweets.

  • for both sex
    diet is suitable as for man and woman
  • both for and non employees
    chocolate diet can be followed by the most demanding professions
  • without weighting foods
  • easy to apply
  • no special cooking
    chocolate diet contains only dishes that can be found even on any resaurant
  • 6 meals a day
  • the main meal is dinner
    The main meal is the dinner, adapted to the European way of life

The chocolate diet is a modern diet plan, with specific features based on the modern way of living, the purity of food, the rules of proper eating behavior, ensuring both the quality of health and the wellness until the final result.

  • Weight Reduction
    It works in multiple level on the weight reduction
  • Fat Reduction
    It works in multiple level on the fat reduction as in peripheral as in viseral fat tissue.
  • Reduce of LDL cholesterol
    Reduce bad cholesterol
  • Increase of HDL cholesterol
    Increases good cholesterol
  • Antioxidant Action
    The antioxidant activity is higher than more fresh fruit with this action
  • Reduce Arterial Hypertension
    Reduces the pressure on the blood vessels
  • Reduce insulin resistance
    providing prevention of diabetes and obesity (reduced fat)

Monthly programs are based on a global scale for the disturbance weight BMI (Body Mass Index) and are different for each category of BMI. Active for all categories of weight and fat disorders from cellulite until morbid obesity.

The monthly of chocolate diet programs be cyclic to be reactive and repetitive as we are at the same category of BMI and the specificity of this forms the different mode of action of the diet with the right combinations of programs, making the slimming delicious and adjusting the intensity of slimming as we want.

chocolate diet