chocolate increases the good HDL cholesterol chocolate diet to improve your good cholesterol

Research shows that eating fruit COCOA has beneficial effects on humans and helps increase good HDL cholesterol.

During the investigation it was examined whether long-term intake of cocoa powder changes in plasma lipid profiles in subjects with normal cholesterol levels, and subjects with mild hypercholesterolemia.
During the study twenty-five subjects were randomized to consume 12 g sugar (control group) while the remaining 26gr cocoa powder and 12 g of sugar for 12 weeks.

At 12 weeks, it decreases the oxidation of LDL (bad) cholesterol by (-13%), a significantly greater increase in HDL plasma cholesterol (24%) and there was a negative correlation between plasma concentrations of HDL cholesterol and oxidized LDL .

Conclusion: It is likely that increases in HDL-cholesterol concentration can contribute to suppression of LDL oxidation and polyphenolic substances derived from cocoa powder may contribute to an elevation in HDL cholesterol.

Doing so helps reduce cardiometabolic risk factors in individuals at high risk.

Source Link: Continuous intake of polyphenolic compounds containing cocoa powder reduces LDL oxidative susceptibility and has beneficial effects on plasma HDL-cholesterol concentrations in humans.Seigo Baba, Naomi Osakabe, Yoji Kato, Midori Natsume, Akiko Yasuda, Toshimi Kido, Kumiko Fukuda, Yuko Muto,Kazuo Kondo.
American journal of clinical nutrition.

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