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Recent studies have shown that chocolate reduces bad cholesterol.
Reduce your cholesterol with chocolate! More good news for chocolate lovers.
Research shows that polyphenols in cocoa powder reduces cholesterol.

The cocoa powder has a high content of antioxidant chemicals known as polyphenols. Studies have shown that these polyphenols are good at heart.
One of the first studies to examine how these polyphenols affect cholesterol levels conducted by researchers from the University of Hull (England). The experiment was a crossover study, which means that the participants were randomly divided into one of two groups (experimental or control). In this way, researchers can compare the effects of the intervention to specific individuals and the group as a whole.

The study involved 12 subjects with type 2 diabetes.
The experimental procedure involved feeding them high 45 g cocoa polyphenols per day, while the control intervention equivalent low polyphenol cocoa. The researchers found that the consumption of high polyphenol chocolate was associated with an increase in HDL (good) cholesterol and a decrease in total cholesterol.

Research shows that eating fruit COCOA chocolate reduces cholesterol. Doing so helps reduce cardiometabolic factors
risk in high-risk individuals.
Consumers should know that most chocolate products are low in polyphenols and high in sugar and saturated fat.

(NaturalNews – Friday, June 21, 2013 by: David Gutierrez)

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