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cardio metabolicDr.Iakovos Theodosiou MD.DipU
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As metabolism (Biology, Physiology) means the sum of physical and chemical processes in an organism where substance, can produced and maintained while energy consumed and given to the environment.
The processes take place every moment in our organism and vary according to the age. Many of these processes during the life deteriorate and change, affecting the normal function of our body.

A particular sensitive systems in humans that can be affected with multiple consequences, is the cardiovascular system.
If the factors is the aging that affect the normal function of our body should investigate how improve the environment to affect them positively. While if the agents are both genetics or pathological we can talk about diseases where cause changes in the physiological function of the body and should go to a the therapeutic basis and make also changes in environment factors like nutrition to support the therapeutical result.

Because of the involvement of heart, vessels and metabolism, these issues are termed cardiometabolic and the factors affecting cardiometabolic factors.

For many years we know the classic factors that harm the cardiovascular system, such as smoking, hypertension, gender, cholesterol and other blood lipids. New studies put on microscope other factors much more complex that appears to play a major role in the emerging cardiometabolic and they be constantly in study.
These factors are the insulin resistance, atheromagenetic dislipidemia the prothrombotic hematological profile, abdominal obesity ecc.
The table of obesity complications show that many of the metabolic factors that affect the cardiovascular system and said cardiometabolic risk factors can be modified changing body weight and especially the proportion of body fat. Based on this analysis and in depth we observe that these factors are involved each other and sometimes create vicious circles.
If we look the table with the obesity complications, we see that most cardiometabolic risk factors include are classical obesity complications.
New approaches at molecular level as the endocannabinoid system explain the effect of changes on the cardiometabolic risk factors.
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cardio metabolic

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