nutritional ketogenic diet for health and diseases

nutritional ketogenic diet
Dr.Iakovos Theodosiou MD.DipU
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The nutritional ketogenic diet he nutritional ketogenic diet is a food based diet in order to increase blood ketones creating a metabolic state called nutritional ketosis.
In the state of nutritional ketosis the body uses fat as fuel for main functions.

The nutritional ketogenic diet is used in many medical fields such as for the treatment of obesity, the treatment of epilepsy and more.
The start point of ketosis is different for every man is different and so the diet is individual.

The main objective in the food make ketogenic diet but also for all ketogenic diets is a metabolic stable condition called keto-adaptation.

When KETO-ADAPTATION occurs it means that our body works with very little glucose and prefers fat as the main energy metabolic substrate. The organism supports better the different enzymes involved in fat breakdown than those who are involved in the breakdown of glucose.

When you start a ketogenic diet the body burns fat but it has limitations since the available enzymes and metabolites involved in this metabolic pathway is not sufficient.

In the second phase it is established and the body mainly uses fat as the main energy source. It is truly amazing how many changes will be made to cellular occur keto-adaptation.

There are many ketogenic diets or different ways through diet to reach ketosis. The choice is based on what we want to achieve, the health status of candidate and the duration of use.

nutritional ketogenic diet

nutritional ketogenic diet. nutritional ketogenic diet.