rhythm liquid ketogenic diet reducing insulin resistance

rhythm liquid ketogenic diet
Dr.Iakovos Theodosiou MD.DipU
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The KROP or rhythm liquid ketogenic diet is a unique ketogenic diet with many beneficial effects for our health.

    it increases the blood ketones and thus makes an effective lipolysis.
    because the rythme to drink the soluble proteins varied in order to regulate and educate insulin secretion adjusting the hormonal clock for insulin production.
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    why is drinkable and not administered with a nasigastric tube as the tube diet.
    because the solution is pure protein (but not hi-protein).

The arm of KROP is the clock setting of insulin, helping the pathological condition called insulin resistance .

The cadidate is fed for a short period of 3-10 days with a specific protein solution (made individually for each people) and the program may be purely liquid (liquid diet) or contain a small meal during the day (intermittent liquid diet).

The most significant effect of KROP is the reduction of insulin resistance.
Other benefits of KROP are the aesthetic improvement because of the fat reduction and health issues, such as the reduction of cholesterol, or the decrease of triglycerides and finaly the degreased of body’s organs (eg. Fat in liver).

In the rythme liquid ketogenic diet, is created lack of appetite and there is no hunger. Regarding slimming and cellulite the results are fast and visible in the first days.

The rythme liquid ketogenic diet programs last between 3 and 10 days.
H Weight reduction is aproximately 5-7% in 5-10 days
Before each KROP program, precede by a preparation phase of three days and at the end of the liquid phase is followed by the recovery phase while become a gradually import of carbohydrate for seven days.

The KROP or rythme liquid ketogenic diet stimulates the metabolism forcing the organism exlusively on fat burning.
It is perhaps the best diet for people with metabolic problems particularly with insulin resistance

rhythm liquid ketogenic diet

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