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tube diet
Dr.Iakovos Theodosiou MD.DipU
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TUBE DIET or ketogenic tube diet or NEC is probably the fastest diet worldwide, with the unique therapeutic effects in people with difficult metabolism and especially to people with high resistance to insulin.
The reason is that the feeding rate by the tube is continuous, so it’s like be “reset” on the hormonal clock that controls the rhythm and intensity on the secretion of insulin.

The tube diet is unique worldwide with excellent results arriving in order to reduce the rate of overweight in 7-10% of body weight in 10 days without exercise.

In the tube diet, a thin microscopic tube (feeding tube), inserts through nose without anesthesia to the stomach.
Who makes the diet is fed a special protein solution (specific in proportions for each patient) for 10 days.In a short period of time, can create a metabolic state known as dietary ketosis which causes extreme disruption of hunger and satiety.
In tube diet, the created metabolic condition of KETOSIS demonstrates that the diet works exclusively in the fat and the protein (not all kind of proteins) solution is used for the protection of muscle mass.
Tube diet it is probably the only diet that eliminates the possible defect on the rate of insulin secretion by combining two factors: the low level of sugar intake and the exclusion of the cerebral phase feeding thats mean there is no secretion of salivar amylase an enzyme that boost the excretion of insuline in the pancreas.

In the tube diet the administration of the proteic solution is personalized for each patient, and should be administrated slowly and continuously. The level of lipolysis must checked every day. The administration of the solution is controlled by a small computerized pump that pushes the proteins contained in a special bag, through the feeding tube to the stomach.
In this way candidate of the diet is fed, retains his energy, does not feel hungry and lose fat while retaining almost intact his muscle system.
The pump is transportable and with a bag of solution can be easily hidden and transported in a bag or a backpack.
The tube is thin and transparent, so that during the treatment the patient makes a normal life.

tube diet
Tube diet is active in all weight and fat disorder categories such as cellulite, overweight, obesity until morbid obesity.

The classic tube diet program last 10 days but this duration is individual and varies within a range from 3-10 days, depending on the needs of the person concerned. The tube diet treatment can be repeated as many times as you desired but should mediate simple maintenance intervals or other kind of diet. The decisions and the possibilities of the periods of diet and the intervals between treatments concern the estimation of the doctor.

Thiw kind of diet stimulates the metabolism making the body to burn exclusively fat. Tube diet is not just a diet, but treating the degreased body.
The tube diet is probably the most suitable diet for individuals with a broken metabolism and sometimes for physiological metabolic situations where there is a decrease of metabolism as in menopausal womens.

tube diet