reducing fat reducing weight not means reducing fat

reducing fatDr. Iakovos Theodosiou MD.DipU
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Adipose tissue or fat, is a term of physiology and anatomy describing a type of loose connective tissue composed of adipocytes.
Its main role is to store energy as fat and also have a protective around some organs and temperature insulating role.
The significance of the fatty tissue in the normal functioning of the human body is important while the normal amount of body fat depends on the sex and the age.
The reference to fat tissue it is good to become as a percent by weight of the man described.

18-39 21-32% 8-19%
40-59 13-33% 11-21%
60-79 24-35% 13-24%

The increase of the normal level of adipose tissue or fat of the body causes severe metabolic, organic and aesthetic nature disorders.
Another feature of the adipose tissue that plays a special role for our health is the distribution of it in our body.

The World Health Organization has defined obesity as a pathological increase in adipose tissue of the body, with terrible consequences for health and as one of the leading causes of death of modern civilization. The complications of obesity have serious consequences for our health.

In recent years, almost in every informational and promotional site will mainly see the sentence “lose fat …” for ideal weight loss and to restore the body’s fat to normal levels.
But is this true and how much a weight reduction is associated with a real fat reduction;

In fact and in the common practice this rarely happens, and this everyone can easily confirm by own experience or having friends who have lost weight and how easily have regained their weight.

In the medical practice to reduce weight has nothing to do with fat reduction. To do this coveted fat reduction of the body to normal levels, not only just a few percent while the scale has come down several kilos, it needs what we call metabolic reconstitution of the body.

Metabolic reconstitution of the body is a multi-step approach with a set of factors that should be diagnosed and taken into account for central planning both the diet and the overall therapeutic approach with constant reassessment and adjustment steps for the best results.
Of course because of the complexity of the situation and systems that occur to this reconstruction expert should be a doctor who knows the functions of the human body and the changes from intrusive diet therapy.
Lipolysis can and measured both in blood and in urine by specific metabolites from the body’s fat breakdown.


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