chocolate diet for fat reduction chocolate diet is the best diet plan

The chocolate lovers trying to lose a few pounds, now they can do it with chocolate diet for fat reduction and weight.
This new research shows that it is possible to lose weight while enjoying the sweet taste every day.
Women thinking about getting on a diet because they believe that to be deprived of some of their favorite foods.
Actually this is not the case if the controlled embodiments (said Kathryn Piehowski), which conducted the research at universities in Pennsylvania.
Overweight and obese women who put a piece of chocolate into a healthy eating plan have lost about 11 pounds in four months (on average).
Chocolate … is a highly desirable food (said Debra Keast, from Food & Nutrition Research Database, Michigan), but he said, I really do not think it will be as effective as some other type best snack for weight loss.
A snack with fiber and protein, he said, would probably help women stay full until the next meal better. For the new study, Piehowski and her colleagues tracked the weight loss of 33 overweight and obese women in low-calorie diet.
Half of them received daily chocolate and unsweetened cocoa.
The other women ate fruit instead licorice flavor.
Twenty women completed the study, 13 in each group. After just four months, women in both groups had lost an average of 11 pounds. The researchers said that shows that women do not need to completely remove chocolate and other sweet snacks from their diets to see weight loss success.
Small snack can reduce cravings for more sweets.
A diet with sweet snack can provide an effective weight loss in women who struggle with other more restrictive diets.

Source-Link:A Reduced-Calorie Dietary Pattern Including a Daily Sweet Snack Promotes Body Weight Reduction and Body Composition Improvements in Premenopausal Women Who Are Overweight and Obese: A Pilot Study
2011 American Dietetic Association