the cellulite stages reduce fat is the real treatment of cellulite

Cellulite is divided into 4 levels or steps of pathology for the development and organization giving the characteristic appearance of orange peel.

Whatever these stages importance that the treatment of cellulite is one, and concerns to a reduced fat diet and exercise and must be implemented immediately.

The development of cellulite can be divided into four stages or pathological levels:

1. Modification of Precapillary arteriolar sphincter -causing alterations in vascular permeability and also expansion or dilatation of the capillaries that leads to on-capillary dialysis between obesity, resulting in edema.

2. Edema -causing metabolic changes which cause hypertrophy and hyperplasia of reticular system, resulting in the formation of on-capillary with regional fat deposits having a push interstitial viscosity.

3. The organization regarding collagen fibers -near groups of fat cells, favoring the growth of micro-nodules.

4. Association of micro-nodules -in order to create long-nodules that cause hardening.

Structurally, the skin changes are presented in the cellulite is primarily due to fibrosis of the connective tissue that is present in the skin and / or into the subcutaneous cells.
The connective tissue from the mesh dermis is actually attached to the deep link as a result of lobular aperture fiber (fibrous diaphragm) by the adipose cells.
The subcutaneous fat lobules usually divided from one another by these thin, usually strictly in length associated with connective tissue that mixes the fat coating and the skin into deeper link.
These shafts support the subcutaneous tissue and stand body fat.

The reduction of the baffles because of fibrosis causes folding of the connection points of fiber baffles, resulting in depression which is characteristic of cellulite.
Nobody denies that the word “cellulite” has been misused for the reason that in medicine the suffix “-ida” refers to an inflammation or an infection.

As a result, the word “cellulitis” can refer to an inflammation of the affected cells.
Cells are the fundamental units vital incorporate (extra interstitial structures) micro vascular structure of all living tissues.
In so-called cellulite, there is inflammation that is associated with the cells, but possibly a change in the interstitial tissue.