what means the term diet diet is everything we can eat !

A misinterpreted concept of what we mean with the term “diet”. In fact not what we often say that a diet is a nutritional plan to lose weight but in simple terms is the daily intake of food.

The combination of the quality of foods that we put in our diet and the quantity is the factor that determining the losing or the increasing of our body weight.
To lose weight or maintain a healthy weight need attention and what we eat and how to eat.

If someone is consuming the right foods but larger than needed quantities, receives a lot of calories and thus puts pounds.

If on the other hand, if you eat the right amount of calories but only one food group, then you will not receive the necessary ingredients you need and might create serious health problems.

Here we could say that a diet means and proper healthy diet?
Proper healthy diet is to receive all the necessary components that need our body to work in a right manner.
It is important because the human body can not produce itself everything necessary for life.
It is vital that we receive the correct amount of nutrients that the body requires.
That is why we should make a special diet and not our own.