what means be on a diet diet for slimming and healthy eating for wellbeing

With the term slimming, we should not mean the loss of body weight, but the reduction of fatty tissue of the body, according to the medical definition of obesity.

The fat consumed as an energy source in times of negative energy balance.
The simplest thought to lose us the weight is to create a situation which, however, should have full coverage of humans to other vital elements.

It would be this negative energy balance to combine it with a mild aerobic exercise.

When I say slim should not be concerned what will show our scales, but how many points we lost our waist or points of interest.

This negative energy balance has some limits you overcome then the organization karnivalizei and instead burns fat burning muscles.

Weight loss, weight loss should be gradual and steady slowly, otherwise catabolizes valuable muscle tissue and lose fluids and glycogen and the more muscles we lose, so our metabolism drops.

A good method for slimming is a diet that is low in carbohydrates and increased lean animal protein. The fats are burned in the absence of carbohydrate. Starch and sugars, but should be replaced with a slow-release carbohydrates, such as salad and vegetables.
Water helps in weight loss both directly and in the elimination of derivatives from combustion.