Where does cellulite appear aesthetic and cellulite

To knows at what points cellulite appears will help us to recognize it, to make early diagnosis and follow the appropriate treatment, having in mind that it is the beginning of an ectopic adipogenesis .

The human body in everyday level hires substances valuable for him, but also manufactures and “waste”, which should be expelled from it through the kidneys and sweat glands.

If the card is not in the normal manner, these toxic substances remain in the body and are deposited in the cellular tissue, which combined with the poor lymphatic circulation and swelling of fat cells, the generated nodules simply called cellulite.

Studies have shown that cellulite is for both sexes but particularly women where the problem to a lesser or greater extent are facing 80% of women.

Cellulite in essence can appear anywhere on the body, although it usually occurs on the external surface of the thighs with extension buttocks. It is the first point that actually created, and lipapothikes woman there. Of course, sometimes spreading to the inner surface of the thighs, the inside of the knee and the calf. Other areas displayed is the upper limbs, especially after menopause and abdomen.

The places where cellulite women are:

calves and knees
Inside of arms

While in men cellulite appears abdomen chest and arms.